About us

My name is Junaid Khawar , I’m a fulltime Blogger making a living from this dynamic Blog medium.

I’m also a email marketer of many companies.


Back in 2017, I stumbled upon an article about ‘Blogging’. I did’nt know it at the time but that moment changed my life. I started reading an article about ‘Blogging’ and within 3 days I had started my own Blog – a personal blog where I’ve explored the interesting things, like technology, personal affair issues and all other facts about the life.

As my blogs have grown in popularity , I’ve begun to generate income from blogs. After sometime, as in 2019 I’ve gain interest in email marketing and started freelauncing to helping people grown their business through my email services. And, genuinly I am the Author and write many books about my own research on history,poetry and computer technology.