Email scraping

Email scraping, is the best and easy skill to earn online. You can scrap emails from google, facebook, linkedin etc easily. How you can do this ? You can do this by tools and add them into your browser as extension simply. By just clicking a button you can scrap all emails from the current page. Moreover, you can also save the emails in .txt and .csv files. After scraping emails, if you want to verify the emails (valid or invalid) you can verify it by paid tools. There are many companies who provide validation services. Some of these are:

  2. Mailgun
  3. ZeroBounce
  4. MillionVerifier
  5. MyEmailVerifier

How to scrap emails ?

Simply, go to your browser, in my case, i’m using chrome and open chrome web store.

Then search email extractor and install. Email extractor will be automatically add to your browser.

After adding, go to google and write the following text.

food "USA" ""

As you can see in the upper right of the browser, email extractor automatically scrap emails, on the first page, I got 79 emails, you can see in the above picture. And, if you want to scrap all domains not only gmail, then write the following text.

food "USA" "" "" "" ""

Now, you can see, we got 342 emails of all domains. I f you want to scrap emails of restaurants, cafe, any business or any niche ,you can just change the name “food” to your desired niche. Now, you have a question in your mind about how to scrap emails from facebook ?

Simply, write the following text. "food" "USA" "" "" "" ""

Note: Increase your google chrome page options in the search settings, by default goolge shows 10 pages, increase it to 100, so you can scrap maximum emails from the first page.

Now, there is another google chrome extension tool, and that is “SHANES TOOL”.

Go to google, and search shanes tool.

Just click on first option,

Naviagte the shanes tool button, and then click on it and drag it to your bookmark bar.

Good! Shanes tool successfully added to your browser.

Now, we are going to scrap emails by shanes tool.

Simply, write the same text that we wrote before.

food "USA" "" "" "" ""

Now, click on shanes tool button, and navigate scrap emails and click.

If you want more emails, then go to page 2 and scrap emails:)

Now, you know that how to scrap emails from google and any social media platforms. But there are some business companies who run their business as long as we know. Moreover, they are registered in yellow pages. Some people make website to run their online business and all information about their work are included on their websites.

But , when you are working online and your client says that I want yellow pages information of my desired niche. Then, there is a separate tool to do this.

What are yellow pages ?

Yellow pages are information directory of real businesses that are registered. Information included, website urls, emails, phone numbers, fax no, address etc.

There is a tool to extract information from yellow pages. And, that is “Instant data scraper”.

Download and add it to your browser.

How to scrap data from yellow pages ?

Go to yellow pages site and write your niche and location, then click on “Instant data scraper”. You will find all the information of your required niche and location.

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